What makes excellent online customer service
What makes excellent online customer service
August 31, 2018

What makes excellent online customer service?

What makes excellent online customer service?

You are probably in the tourism industry because you love people, you love what you do and manage to make a living out of it. It’s hard work and long hours but very rewarding. One of the keys to success is the delivery of exceptional customer service and, to most people in our industry, it comes naturally.

Why then are online customers treated differently? Is it because they are somewhat anonymous? Is it because you’re too busy with your “real” customers? Or is it because you’re not comfortable with technology? Let me put it another way, would you leave somebody waiting at the door of your B&B for a few days? Or would you leave a customer on a jetty as your tour sails off? No, of course not! Why then is it OK to do it online?  The simple answer is it’s not!

Exceptional online customer service not only increases business but generates a positive online presence as well. This is content created by your guests is “online word of mouth” and is incredibly valuable.

So how do you go about it? Here is a valuable piece of advice:

“Treat your online customers with as much care and respect as you do with your customers in the real world”

Let’s keep it simple, here are the top tips;

  • Have an online presence
  • Make it easy to be found online
  • Make it engaging, and at a very minimum have the following;

A description of what you offer
Images of what you offer, with real people in them
Rates and inclusions
Contact information
Location information including maps and directions

Tip – If you don’t know if your online presence is up to scratch, write down all the questions you get asked on the phone and see if your online presence answers them. If it doesn’t, add them to your online presence.

  • Be responsive answer any form of communication promptly (for example, check your emails twice a day)
  • Consider an online booking system
  • Offer alternative payment methods
  • Be accommodating

Start with this; respond to your emails twice a day and look at what people are saying about your business online. Google “your business name and reviews” or set up a Google alert to have information about your business delivered to your inbox!