Using Snapchat 3V ads
Using Snapchat 3V ads
October 12, 2018

Using Snapchat 3V ads

Getting bored with traditional video advertising?
Trying to get more “clicks” for your ads?
Looking for experts to help you optimize your Snapchat account and target more audiences?

Why not try Snapchat 3V Ads for marketing purposes?

What are they?

Snapchat 3V Ads are a 10 second, full-screened vertical videos that appear between stories. Viewers can simply swipe up to interact with advertisers’ mobile website, where they can install promoted app or view more in-depth contents such as the full version of advertising.

Need experts to tell a better story? Try Snapchat Ads Partner!

Snapchat Partners is Snapchat’s advertising API (Application Programming Interface), which gathered more than 20 tech-minded companies specializing in advertising strategy and creative execution. These partners will help you optimize your videos for targeting by age, gender, location, device, operating system, and content affinity.
Snapchat also introduced performance measurement of Snapchat Ads to help you better understand which ones are the most valuable. It has built a set of measurement partnerships with companies such as Moat, Nielsen Mobile, Digital Ad Ratings and Google DoubleClick. Tourism marketers will be able to utilize these third-party measurement platforms to evaluate their ads performance.
To learn more about Snapchat Partner program, click the link

What are the pros and cons of Snapchat 3V Ads?

Pros of Snapchat 3V Ads

It allows you to edit pictures and videos with various types of images and branding, creating a more interactive experience than Facebook and YouTube ads (Benner and Merced, 2016). In addition, the swipe-up rate of ads on Snapchat is over 5 times higher than the average clicking rate through other social media sites, which means that ads on snapchat are somehow more appealing to your potential targets.

Cons of Snapchat 3V Ads

It can be costly. Snapchat is asking brands for $750,000 a day for its new ads, according to multiple industry sources

Snap 3V Ads Case Study: Spotify

For Spotify’s “Year in Music” campaign, the company cooperated with Snapchat to run music-themed Snap Ads in some of the winter’s hottest Discover and Live content. Spotify’s Ads popped-up on Snapchat’s Discover channel, which highlighted a different music genre every day. Spotify also ran Snap Ads in “NYE Live,” one of Snapchat’s most highly trafficked Live Stories. This campaign turned out to achieve 26 million total views and a 30% increase on subscriber intent