Tour Guide Central Bespoke Services

Licensing Systems
Licensing systems ensures guides have the knowledge and skills they need to shape guest experiences.
We help you design a robust system, be it online or blended, that will ensure competency of licensed guides in every sense of the word.

Continuous Development
Becoming a professional tour guide requires continuous development so that skills and knowledge are constantly UpToDate. We can equip you with the blended learning portals that will ensure your guides are always receiving top notch learning experiences

Specialized Courses
As no one kind of courses fits all types of tours, we offer specialized training courses that cover a wide variety of tour guiding disciplines, including general tours, museums, Safaris, Zoos and Aquaria, Eco tours, cultural and historical tours, and more…

New Licensing Systems

System Specifications
This system is geared to new entrants to the guiding field and aims at ensuring that guides possess the knowledge and skills needed to shape guest experiences. It can offer a blend of online and classroom training activities and assessments with participants having to offer a mini guided tour at a set location for passing and obtaining their license.
System Offerings
The licensing system will offer a mix of knowledge and skills including modules on cultural and heritage, tourism attractions, basics of tour guiding. The practical part includes a variety of drills on an array of tour guiding skills that will allow participants to develop some real skills and hit the ground running upon graduation from the program

License Renewal Systems

System Specifications
A tour guide license need not be a one-off event with frequent industry updates. Instead, the license renewal process can ensure that practicing tour guides are gaining experience and developing expertise in the field in a manner that will drive their careers forward on an annual basis
System Offerings
This renewal system will test guides knowledge and skills at a much higher level while giving them access to an abundance of resources and training courses that will help them take their efforts to the next level