Our 3 top suggestions of when and how to ask for reviews
Our 3 top suggestions of when and how to ask for reviews
August 31, 2018

Our 3 top suggestions of when and how to ask for reviews

Customer reviews have a significant impact on your business. They are often a major factor determining whether you get a booking. As many of you are coming into the busy period and your business is at its best, now is the time to be proactive and source reviews. In this article we’ll explain the many ways to go about it.

During checkout or departure process – ask in person!

This is probably the most obvious, but in the rush of checkout it is often forgotten. The very minimum you should do is verbally asking your customers for a review.  If you want to get more reviews then make it easy for them, give them the information they need to easily find you and leave a review. There are many review sites: the big OTAs like Expedia, Bookings.com and Hotels.com etc. You may also like to consider TripAdvisor and Google as your priorities and you can invest in tools like ReviewPro to manage the process.

Sign at front desk in arrival or departure area

This may seem rather obvious, but a visual reminder may just be the trigger your customer needs to act. If they have a few spare minutes and you make it easy for them you are likely to get more reviews. Provide them with all the information they need to write their review.  You can add it to notice boards or have it on the counter on a small card, made of recycled paper of course!
If you have the traditional “guest book” why not use these comments online? Just transfer them to your website; take a photo and upload to your social media channels.

Follow up emails

Don’t forget when you send your “Thanks for choosing us email” to add at the bottom “Please leave us a review”. Make it easier by adding the links to the review sites to your email.
Below is an example.

“Hi (Insert customer name),

Thank you for choosing [your business]. I wanted to reach out personally and ask about your experience.

What was your experience like? (e.g. amazing, terrible, etc.)
Our aim is to please our guests and improve our service and your feedback will help us accomplish that. If you’re willing and have a couple of spare minutes we’d love to hear from you.

Please share your review here [link]

Thank you

(Insert name)”

Most importantly – Thank customers for their feedback ALWAYS

If a customer takes the time to leave a review, make sure you take the time to respond. Thank them and make your responses personal and unique. If the reviews are not positive, remember not to take it personally – respond professionally, even if you don’t agree.