Specialized Tour Guide Services

Licensing Systems
Licensing systems ensures guides have the knowledge and skills they need to shape guest experiences.
We help you design a robust system, be it online or blended, that will ensure competency of licensed guides in every sense of the word.

Continuous Development
Becoming a professional tour guide requires continuous development so that skills and knowledge are constantly UpToDate. We can equip you with the blended learning portals that will ensure your guides are always receiving top notch learning experiences

Specialized Courses
As no one kind of courses fits all types of tours, we offer specialized training courses that cover a wide variety of tour guiding disciplines, including general tours, museums, Safaris, Zoos and Aquaria, Eco tours, cultural and historical tours, and more…

Tour Guide Licensing Systems

Smart Systems

Our contemporary licensing systems are designed to suit learners of the 21st century. Those smart systems can be administered online or through a blended approach. In either case, candidates will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills they need to become true professionals and best destination ambassadors


Having In-depth knowledge of the destination is a key element of tour guide competence and the corner stone of successful tour operations. Our licensing systems help candidates develop their research and self-study skills. That is in addition to acquiring wealth of information that will significantly enrich the visitor experience


Knowledge and skills are the two main aspects of the licensing process. The skills development part is carried out through specialized elearning courses that covers all sorts of guiding skills, from basic to advanced levels. The how – to approach helps guides develop actual skills and yields true professionals in the field


All licensing material, including videos, assessments and resources are available online and be accessed through all kind of devices and mobile Apps as well. The online system offer candidates the flexibility and convenience of preparing for the assessments at any time and from anywhere and of taking the exams whenever they are ready.


Our systems include knowledge and skills assessments and knowledge checks as well. Assessments are designed to ensure that guides understand their material and how it can be applied in real life scenarios. Knowledge checks are part of the learning process to ensure candidates have achieved the learning objectives of any given part or module


A variety of resources are made available to support the learning process. This includes lists of attractions, online resources, competency maps and self-assessment forms. Additional resources cover culture, heritage and history of your destination as well. Stressing the importance of solely relying on credible and verified information from trusted sources