What Do Ecotourists Want?
What Do Ecotourists Want?
October 12, 2018


Many tourists are looking to travel to pristine and aesthetically pleasing locations to experience something new and beautiful. Unfortunately, it is usually these environments that are the most fragile and susceptible to outside influences/impacts. To ensure these amazing regions are preserved for the future, travelers must do their part in their protection.


Ecotourism operations focus on educating tourists on travelling green and promoting sustainable travel that benefits local communities and minimizes the harmful effects on the environment.


Providing accommodation that restricts mass tourism in sensitive environments ensures that the natural regeneration rate of the environmental asset is not compromised and ensures the longevity of the resource. By opting for an ecotourism experience/holiday over a conventional tourism package, ecotourists are making a conscious decision to reduce their impact. This can be personally rewarding and travelers who choose ecotourism are responsible consumers.


Ecotourists are seeking to minimize the carbon footprint of their travel, traveling with climate in mind; they plan wisely and choose consciously. They seek to experience authentic and educational tours that give them the opportunity to give back to the nature resorts they visit. These conscious travelers prefer to stay in eco lodges or go on ecotours to be surrounded by like minded people, have access to well managed and pristine environments and experience a truly unique experience/holiday.