Our Learning Solutions
We use a multitude of tools and techniques to create an engaging experience – one that really helps your people learn, gain new skills or knowledge and be great at their jobs.
We’ll equip you with a learning management system that is tailored to your precise needs and capable of delivering great learning experiences and help you measure results.
Great learning design and delivery is only half the story. We can devise the right learning strategy for you that will make sure your L&D solutions are in line with your wider business goals.
Content Development Services


Short, high impact nuggets of learning, designed to fit your learners’ busy lives.

We’ll create beautiful, effective bite-sized learning that’s tailored to your needs and can be delivered however you want – from your learning platform, via an app, or standalone

Blended Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be one-dimensional offering elearning only

A blend of different elements – digital, face to face, supporting resources – can create a complete learning program that will engage your learners and help them develop new skills.

Interactive Video

Not sure whether video or a game-based solution is your best delivery option.

Interactive video has the best of both worlds – immerse the learner in the experience using video, branching, hotspots and scoring to deal with a range of scenarios and role play

Mobile learning

This is learning you can access quickly and when you need it.

We will help you develop the right strategy and choose the right content for your mobile learning offerings so it can become an effective component of your learning portfolio.

Game-based Learning

Want to provide an immersive and memorable learning experience?

Games can be a great way to do just that. Tap into a scenario-based approach to practice skills. Bring learners back by introducing an element of competition and the need to ‘complete’ the game.

Elearning Courses

Workplace learning can be engaging and compelling leading to tangible results.

Our elearning courses look great but – more importantly – they get the job done. That’s because we are putting people first. Our courses are engaging, lead to genuine knowledge transfer and deliver results.

Learning Strategy Services
Learning Platform strategy
We think your learning platform can become the cornerstone of your L&D strategy – and we’re here to help. We’ll advise on the best tools and approach to build a learning tech ecosystem that will work for you.
Blended Learning Design
We know that delivering learning isn’t just about a choice between digital or face to face. We’ll help design the perfect blend for your learners, using whichever tools are best for the job. Get the balance right with us.
Social Learning
Unlock learner power and let social learning flourish in your organization. We’ll help you diagnose how social and collaborative elements can complement your existing L&D offer. It’s not just about the tools – we’ll look at the right level of learner power for your business culture.
Learning Needs Analysis
Let’s get back to basics and work out what you really need. We’ll help you define the goals and scope for your project and evaluate the skills and learning you already have in place – before building a plan together
Evaluation of training impact
If you needed to prove your investment in learning was good value for money, could you? Do you know which elements are actually having an impact on performance? We can help you build evaluation into your L&D right from the very start.
Learning Campaigns
If you need to change behavior, the best place to start is by building awareness.
We can help you build a great communication campaign so that your L&D offering gets noticed – and becomes part of the business culture.