Module 1

Designing Guest Centric Tours...

Module 2

Pricing Your Tour

Module 3

Training & Developing Guides...

Module 4

Differentiating Your Tour...

Module 5

Developing Captivating Tour Descriptions...

Module 6

Writing Compelling Tour Guide Profiles...

Module 7

Establishing Online Presence...

Module 8

Understanding Online Review Sites...

Module 9

Managing Online Reviews...

TypeOnsite Course
DateFeb 10, 2019 - Feb 14, 2019
PlaceSheraton JBR - Dubai - UAE
Number of Registrations


This program provides you with practical solutions and techniques that will help you manage your tour operation efficiently and give you an edge over the competition. You will learn how to eliminate pain points and shape guests’ experiences. You will also learn how to best train and develop competent guides, define your Unique Selling Proposition and communicate it to your potential customers. In addition, you will learn how to establish and actively manage online presence. You will understand how online review sites work and how to collect, manage, and leverage guest reviews.


Target Audience

Tour managers, tour operators, tour designers, tour guides, marketing managers, and activity operators responsible for experiences in:
Museums, Cultural sites, Historic sites, City tours, Bus tours, Nature walks, Zoos, Safaris, Wildlife Parks, Aquariums, Nature Reserves and more


Participants will receive a Level 3 Accredited Certificate upon the successful completion of all tasks and assessments of the Marketing and Managing Tours Program. Certificate is accredited by ncfe, a leading British awarding organization

Key Learning Areas

Designing guest centric tours

Pricing your tour

Training and developing guides

Developing captivating tour descriptions

Writing compelling tour guide profiles

Differentiating your tour

Establishing Online Presence

Understanding Online Review Sites

Managing Online Reputation

Here is what you will learn in this course

How to eliminate pain points from your tour

How to shape experiences to match guest needs

How to estimate and promote the real value of your tour

Effective tour guide training Techniques

How to develop captivating tour descriptions and tour guide profiles

How to define a unique selling proposition

How to choose the right media channel

Essential techniques for responding to online reviews

How to leverage positive reviews

Course Curriculum

Module 1Designing Guest Centric Tours...Preview

Designing Guest Centric Tours

Eliminating pain points from your tour

Defining your before, during and after strategy

Keeping guests’ best interest in mind

Allowing flexibility in tour design

Module 2Pricing Your TourPreview

Pricing Your Tour

Understanding your bigger picture first

The Four key pricing factors

How to estimate the real value of your tour

Alternative pricing strategies

Module 3Training & Developing Guides...Preview

Training & Developing Guides

The business case for tour guides training

Gearing up for growth

The need for a baseline

Module 4Differentiating Your Tour...Preview

Differentiating Your Tour

Your unique selling proposition

Finding your purpose

Transforming your tour into a memorable experience

Giving your tour a sense of journey

Offering specialised tours

Module 5Developing Captivating Tour Descriptions...Preview

Developing Captivating Tour Descriptions

Techniques for writing powerful tour descriptions

Effective writing styles

Using the “You don’t want to be left out” strategy

Leveraging social proof

Module 6Writing Compelling Tour Guide Profiles...Preview

Writing Compelling Tour Guide Profiles

The importance of a Guide Profile

The good and bad of guide profile photos

The essential elements of an impressive guide photo

Techniques for writing captivating profiles

Module 7Establishing Online Presence...Preview

Establishing Online Presence

Why the internet is good for business

Ways you can use the internet to your advantage

Choosing the right media channels

Providing online customer service

The Do’s and Don’ts of digital communication

The Do’s and Don’ts of customer service by email

Module 8Understanding Online Review Sites...Preview

Understanding Online Review Sites

The importance of online reviews for your business

Current trends for online reviews

Online reviews and your bottom line

The three main ranking factors

Getting up the ranks through automation

The Pros and Cons of generating business through trip review sites

Module 9Managing Online Reviews...Preview

Managing Online Reviews

The essential techniques for responding to online reviews

Responding to positive reviews

Effective ways to leverage positive reviews