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Designing guest centric tours...

Part 2

Pricing your tour

Part 3

Training and developing guides...

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The Tour Manager Development Program provides you with invaluable knowledge and skills that help you manage your tour operation efficiently and effectively.

This course will give you practical advice on how to you design guest centric tours, price your tours and develop competent tour guides. You will learn how to eliminate pain points and shape experiences to guests’ needs. You will also develop an understanding of concepts like quality and value, and what controls the pricing of tours. Finally, you will learn about best practices to develop competent guides who excel at leading tours and get rave reviews.


Target Audience

Tour managers, tour operators, tour designers, tour guides, tour marketing managers, travel agents and activity operators delivering experiences in:
Museums, Cultural sites, Historic sites, City tours, Bus tours, Nature walks, Zoos, Safaris, Wildlife Parks, Aquariums, Nature Reserves and more


Participants will receive a Level 2 Accredited Certificate upon the successful completion of all tasks and assessments of the Tour Guide Manager Development Program. Certificate is accredited by ncfe, a leading British awarding organization

Key Learning Areas

Designing guest centric tours

Pricing your tour

Training and developing guides

Here is what you will learn in this course

How to eliminate pain points from your tour

How to shape experiences to match guest needs

How to estimate the real value of your tour

How to promote the real value of your tour

How to establish the proper foundation for tour guide development

Effective training Techniques

Course Curriculum

Part 1Designing guest centric tours...Preview

Designing guest centric tours

Eliminating pain points from your tour

Defining your before, during and after strategy

Keeping guest best interest in mind

Allowing flexibility in tour design

Part 2Pricing your tourPreview

Pricing your tour

Understanding your bigger picture first

The Four key pricing factors

Estimating the real value of your tour

Alternative pricing strategies

Part 3Training and developing guides...Preview

Training and developing guides

The business case for tour guides training

Gearing up for growth

The need for a baseline

Effective training techniques

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