Part 1

The 10 commandments of effective communication...

Part 2

How experienced tour guides lead tours...

Part 3

Enhancing guest participation...

Part 4

Delivering amazing service...

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Learning new skills and directly applying them to your tours have never been easier with tour guide central expert instructions and practical “how to” approach.

The course includes valuable tips and techniques on how to become a more effective communicator and command guest attention. The course also demonstrates how experienced guides lead tours and hence help you take your skills to a whole new level. The knowledge and skills you will gain from this course will have an immediate impact on the quality of your tours that will be witnessed in guest satisfaction levels and their positive reviews.

Target Audience

Tour guides, educators, and tour and activity operators delivering experiences in:
Museums, Cultural sites, Historic sites, City tours, Bus tours, Nature walks, Zoos, Safaris, Wildlife Parks, Aquariums, Nature Reserves and more


Participants will receive a Level 2 Accredited Certificate upon the successful completion of all tasks and assessments of the Tour Guide Development Program. Certificate is accredited by ncfe, a leading British awarding organization

Key Learning Areas

The 10 commandments of effective communication

How experienced tour guides lead tours

Enhancing guest participation

Delivering amazing service

Here is what you will learn in this course

10 tips that will improve your communication effectiveness

Satisfying basics needs first

Earning credibility and inspiring confidence before tour start

The art of group management

Useful techniques to handle guests of different cultures

8 tips to enhance your social skills

Starting tour on time

Engaging guests by showing not telling

Techniques to encourage guest participation

4 simple actions to deliver outstanding service

Course Curriculum

Part 1The 10 commandments of effective communication...Preview

The 10 commandments of effective communication

Grab immediate attention

The power of simplicity

Be spontaneous

Change the pace

Use markers

Get rid of filler words

Best communicators are good listeners

Communicate with a purpose

Be selective

A memorable conclusion

Part 2How experienced tour guides lead tours...Preview

How experienced tour guides lead tours

Understand needs

Earn Credibility

The truth will set you free

Manage your tour like a pro

Dealing with guests from different backgrounds

Be a people person

Keep the tour on time

Part 3Enhancing guest participation...Preview

Enhancing guest participation

The use of props and visual aid

Making the tour more interactive

Involving guests

Part 4Delivering amazing service...Preview

Delivering amazing service

Meeting vs. Exceeding expectations

The four elements of Fish Philosophy

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