9 practical tips to get more online reviews
9 practical tips to get more online reviews
August 31, 2018

9 practical tips to get more online reviews

Why are online reviews important?

Peer to peer advice is highly regarded by your potential customers and therefore is an important conversion tool.

Why is this so?

Customers may use these online reviews as part of the elimination process. When they book their travel online, they generally narrow down their choices and before they enter their credit card information they check online reviews just to be sure they are making the right choice.
Personally, I have an 80/20 rule, because I assume that a percentage of the population just like to complain. However, if I see that around 20% of reviews are negative, it sets off alarm bells, especially if there is a common thread. I am once again turned off if these negative reviews are not addressed or even acknowledged by the business owner. I am confident I am not alone in feeling this way and in this case, I generally look elsewhere.

So, why are reviews so important?

Reviews are a “spotlight” on your business.
TIP – Try not to take the negative reviews personally, but rather use them to improve your business. Remember if you employ staff that you need to lead by example, empower them to make decisions and solve guest problems if you are not available.

Get your product offering right……

If your business provides excellent customer service and has a great product offering that suits a certain demographic, then you should use the online reviews to promote your business and help with your marketing.
TIP – Using the term “certain demographic” shows that not all businesses need to be 5 star, it just needs to meet customer expectations and be priced accordingly.
So, if you’ve got a great product and great customer service it’s time to start gathering reviews and publishing them.

9 practical tips on gathering reviews

1. The first and most important tip is delivering awesome customer service! If there is a problem, you should listen to the customer and acknowledge the problem, then offer a practical solution where possible. Address the review online and provide information on the proposed solution.

Upon check in

2. Set the expectations, by letting your guests know they can contact you if they have any concerns, even if you are off site and that you will strive to address any issues that may arise.

At check out

3. At the end of the trip, make sure that your guests know where and how to give you a review. Hand them a TripAdvisor card and ask them to write a review.
4. Encourage guests to sign in to TripAdvisor and write a review. You can offer to help them create an account if they are not familiar with the technology.

After departure

5. Send a follow up email to your guests to thank them for their stay. Ask them to write a review if they haven’t done so already. Make sure you provide links to the different review sites in the email to make it easier for them, by embedding links to your TripAdvisor pages.

Use your Online presence to encourage reviews by:

6. Embedding a TripAdvisor widget into their website alongside other social icons like Facebook, Instagram etc.
7. Integrating a TripAdvisor Review menu item into your Facebook page.

Other marketing activities

8. Displaying certificates of excellence TripAdvisor logos on branded pop up banners and posters in your office.
9. Including TripAdvisor reviews in customer testimonials in online and offline marketing collateral.