5 top tips to market to Generation Y (Millennials) online
5 top tips to market to Generation Y (Millennials) online
August 31, 2018

5 top tips to market to Generation Y (Millennials) online

If one of your target markets is the Generation Y, also knowns as Millennials, then this post is for you.

Who are Generation Y? (Millennials)

This generation is well and truly connected through technology. They are attached to their Smartphones, Laptops and other gadgets and you’ll often see them in coffee shops engaged in their online world. This group likes to communicate via email and text messaging rather than face to face contact.

This group is also family orientated and like work flexibility which is of benefit to the tourism industry. A combination of these facts means that they may be more likely to take mid-week breaks as they can stay connected whilst enjoying a break.

Here are some general characteristics of Generation Y. Keep these in mind when you are considering your content and what platform to share it on.

  • Generation Y always looking for something new and better
  • They’re loyal and committed
  • They often prioritize family over work
  • They appreciate being kept in the loop

What platforms are they using?

Generation Y loves Facebook and they respond well to good content, so your Website is also important. As they also make decisions based on reviews your TripAdvisor and Google my Business platforms are also important. Source Social Media Today Infographic – August 2017

So, if Generations Y are your target market, here are our 5 top tips

1. Showcase your business on Facebook to this group, engage with them and add links to your Website
2. Create good quality content and keep it relevant
3. Work hard on encouraging customer reviews and respond promptly
4. Focus on added value, create mid-week specials
5. This group responds well to brand advocates

In summary, it’s your Facebook page, Website and review sites that will influence this group.Try to focus your efforts in these areas for this target audience, and don’t forget to measure what you do, do more of what works and less of what doesn’t to hone your success.