10 steps to select the right Online Booking System for your business
10 steps to select the right Online Booking System for your business
September 11, 2018

10 steps to select the right Online Booking System for your business

If you are considering an Online Booking system or considering changing yours, then this article is for you!

Why do I need an Online booking System?

One of the key reasons you need a booking system for your tourism business is that consumer behavior indicates that if you don’t have a booking system where travelers can check availability, price and book on their own terms, you will lose business.

In a nutshell, if you have invested in building a great website, developed great content, imagery and video and you’ve managed to get your site ranking high by effective SEO, you should not risk losing business by not offering online booking

6 reasons why tourism businesses may not use a booking system

  • Management is still not convinced that their customers use online bookings
  • The business simply hasn’t had the time to get it done
  • Owners are apprehensive about using a new technology, especially when it involves financial transactions
  • Businesses are overwhelmed by the number of options available and which one is for them
  • The owners have been put off by overzealous sales agents
  • Management is convinced that if someone really wants their service they will call or email

You have two options when it comes to choosing and implementing a booking system for your tourism business; you can do it yourself or outsource to a professional.

Here are simple steps to success:

  1. Write down a list of all the things you need your booking system to do
  2. Record where your bookings are coming from and what they are costing you in terms of fees and commissions
  3. Do your own research, look at competitors’ websites, play consumer and see how easy it is to book using a particular system
  4. Talk to your local Visitor Information Centre or Regional Tourism Organization and find our if they have any alliances or policies that might impact your decision
  5. Conduct the process like a new employee, shortlist your tourism booking systems to 3 and then do more research, call an operator whose using it and ask them what they think
  6. Check out the support provided by the booking system, is it all online? do they have a help desk? do their times suit you?
  7. Make a decision on a Booking System and set a deadline
  8. Set the changeover from manual to online bookings at an “off peak season” to minimize the stress on you!
  9. Carefully read the contract you sign with a vendor and don’t sign a “forever contract”
  10. Review your decision every year to make sure that a new system won’t suit you better.