The Expert Tour Guide

· July 28, 2021

This course provides you with practical advice and expertise that will help you master guiding skills, so you can excel in leading tours and getting rave reviews. In this course we take a closer look at expert tour guides and their professional traits and techniques that separate them from the crowd. By examining what good looks like, tour guides gain valuable insights and skills that would have taken them few years to gain and hence saving them lots of time and money

Target Audience
Tour guides, educators, and tour and activity operators delivering experiences in:
Museums, Cultural sites, Historic sites, City tours, Bus tours, Nature walks, Zoos, Safaris, Wildlife Parks, Aquariums, Nature Reserves and more

Participants will receive a Completion Certificate upon the successful completion of all five modules.

Key Learning Areas
1. Building a reputation of reliability and dependability
2. Making guests feel they are in good hands
3. Connecting with guests to better serve them
4. Being responsive to guest demands
5. Handling upset guests

Here is what you will learn in this course
1. Benefits of being an early bird
2. Simple techniques to reach high competency levels
3. Being the leader of your tour
4. Using conversation starters to connect with guests
5. Listen actively to know your guests
6. Tailoring the experience to guests’ needs
7. Anticipating and catering to guests demands
8. Taking quick action to save the day
9. Handling upset guests skillfully

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Course Includes

  • 33 Lessons
  • 7 Quizzes