Dealing with Difficult Situations

· July 28, 2021

Learning new skills and directly applying them to your tours have never been easier with tour guide central expert instructions and practical “how to” approach. Things won’t necessarily go smoothly in every tour – a fact that competent tour guides know too well and are always prepared for. This course provides tour guides with tried and tested techniques that will help them deal professionally and skillfully with difficult people and situations. Such situations range from dealing with medical emergencies to the commission tour guides are receiving from store owners.

Target Audience
Tour guides, educators, and tour and activity operators delivering experiences in:
Museums, Cultural sites, Historic sites, City tours, Bus tours, Nature walks, Zoos, Safaris, Wildlife Parks, Aquariums, Nature Reserves and more

Participants will receive a Completion Certificate upon the successful completion of the course.

Key Learning Areas
1. Dealing with difficult guests
2. Dealing with difficult situations

Here is what you will learn in this course
1. Dealing with difficult situations
2. Dealing with medical emergencies
3. Dealing with children on tour
4. Dealing with difficult guests
5. Dealing with complaints
6. How to handle the commission issue

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Course Includes

  • 16 Lessons
  • 3 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate