Mastering the Art of Leading Tours

A practical manual that offers an invaluable tool for tour guides, tour guide trainers, and trainees

Become a 5-star Tour Guide

If there is one handbook a tour guide should have, it’s definitely this one. This manual contains a lot of practical techniques and do’s and don’ts with detailed explanations of how to apply various skills, as it was created to be an essential reference book for the professional tour guide. This handbook covers all of the main elements of practical guiding, such as walking tours, site guiding, bus guiding, answering difficult questions and dealing with nervousness. Based on international best practices, this manual provides guides with the roadmap to excellence and help them become the best tour guides they can be.

English Language 

For Tour Guides

Learn the most common English terms that are being used in guided tours. Practice the use of English language in guiding, whether you are talking about culture, heritage, history, customs, traditions or health and safety. 

You will achieve language fluency through our simplified and effective approach that ensures you acquire the language skills you need to  inform and entertain.

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